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Living Out Loud!

Celebrate LIFE! with laughter and grace. Weaving personal stories and folktales with songs and music, this veteran of marriage and motherhood creates a tapestry that is rich, bold and inspirational.

“Thank you for the fabulous performance
you gave last night. You were on fire!”

 Champaign/Urbana Storytelling Guild

Women Who Influence Our Lives

Women! Fabulous, courageous, loving women who, by chance or design, make a difference in the lives of everyone they meet. Women we love! Women we celebrate! Women we admire! A fast-paced program of spirited vignettes of the most unforgettable women in our lives. We’ll sing, laugh, and won’t apologize if we cry (a bit) as we honor and toast the indomitable spirit of women who influence our lives. Presented solo or in in collaboration with Donna Dettman and Linda Gorham.

“That was better than Menopause the Musical.”
Audience member, Debbie

Ghosts, Shivers and Screams

A witches' brew of spine-tingling stories! These stories run shivers down your spine and cause those little hairs on the back of your neck to rise. You might want to bring a friend – it will be dark when you go home!

What you offer is simply wonderful. We wanted something else.
We got more "something else," we got YOU

AAUW Adult Program Coordinator

Customized Programs

Sue loves a challenge! She researches stories, history, countries, cultures, geography, and more to create the program you want.

“I love how you see the world.”
Shorewood-Troy Public Library