Sue Black Sue Black, Storyteller
Sue Black, Storyteller and Bullying Prevention Trainer


Listeners of all ages are captivated by Sue’s creative, interactive, (sometimes) educational, and always fun programs. Her rich depth of traditional tales from around the world combined with historical, scary, and original stories allows Sue to develop a customized program, keynote or workshop for every audience. Don’t be surprised if you want to move, chant, sing, think, imagine, and dream.


NEW! Sue is a recipient of the 2014 National Storytelling Network's ORACLE Award for Regional Service and Leadership.



Recipient of the Prairie Area Reading Council Literacy Award, contributing author to Literacy Development in the Storytelling Classroom (Norfolk, Stenson, Williams) – a 2010 Storytelling World Resource Award winner, Sue combines her passion for storytelling with her delight in teaching students and their teachers to write and tell stories. It's an awesome combination!



Based on the latest research and best practice in bullying prevention, Sue delivers unique school assemblies, classroom meetings, teacher and parent in-services, conference keynotes, and workshops. Her programs raise awareness, build community, and empower the bystanders to act – powerful tools that make a real difference in bullying prevention. Visit Sue’s website for details.



"They were completely focused and totally captivated. What a gift."


"I’ve been teaching for 40 years and
that’s one of the best assemblies I’ve ever seen!"

Newark School, Newark, IL

“For your 45 minute program it was as if my students’ disabilities
got left behind at the door and they were completely focused,
and totally captivated, by your stories.”

Hanson Park School, Chicago, IL